January 1, 2019 is finally here after a December that seemed to drag on forever!  Here at High Speed Alliance, we were SO focused on setting our goals for 2019 and reviewing everything that we learned during 2018, it almost seemed as though time stood still over the last month.   We found ourselves getting so much done but also wondering “When is this month going to end!?”  I think that is what Time Freedom means!

I hope your 2018 was your best year YET.  Our clients at High Speed Alliance worked incredibly hard to meet their goals this year, accomplished more than they thought possible, and have so much to celebrate.  Another trip around the sun for HSA clients resulted in more time spent away from the office, more freedom, the sale of practices, greatly improved profitability and productivity, immense personal growth, and invaluable family growth.  We saw so much progress and so much change from graduations, weddings, and births to divorces, hardships, and deaths.  When the sun was shining, we rejoiced and when the storms were raging, we sheltered each other.  Our members started new businesses, made new investments, fostered new connections, learned new systems, and embraced new thinking patterns.  Many of the businesses that our clients oversee had their best years ever! The High Speed Alliance membership base grew tremendously as well and our commitment to providing unmatched VALUE and SERVICE to our clients and community was directly reflected in the success of our community members. In the Bryant home, we had a successful year full for firsts.  We sent our oldest to college and are poised to send the next in 2020.  We grew our businesses, cash flow, and net worth.  We spent some great family time together traveling the world and creating memories and experiences that have a value that far exceeds any material possessions.  We laughed, smiled, and remembered.  We cultivated important relationships and provided value to the world around us.  We are excited about next year and we hope that you are as well!

As we embark upon this next year full of promise and potential, remember to set goals that address each of the 3 main business levers: volume, price and expenses.  The strategies that you create to make improvements in all 3 areas should be supported by the deployment of purposeful tactics to accomplish these goals.  Many of our clients are taking a two-pronged approach to freedom this year by fostering the generation of passive income while building their businesses to be sold.  Take a page out of their book and HONESTLY evaluate the value of your business (even if you have NO intention to sell it).  This will ensure that you are treating it as a REAL BUSINESS even if you are building a Legacy Business for your family that you plan for your children and their children to operate.  It is imperative that the business that you run now be run with the mindset that it has a “Market Value” and this value should be routinely evaluated, appraised, and improved.

Let’s take a minute to reflect upon the investment side of 2018.  For traditional investors, this was one of the rockiest years in at least a decade.  The Dow, Nasdaq and S &P 500 all ended the year down by 5-8%.  That’s before fees are paid.  The Real Estate market, on the other hand, did very well.  Projecting forward into 2019, you’re going to want to hold on to your hat!  Our turbulent ride is about to get even bumpier.  With the current yield curve inversion and rising interest rates, there will be a headwind to businesses and publicly traded markets.  Personal, corporate and governmental debt is getting out of hand globally.  This month, you should be carefully evaluating your portfolio to prepare for some major changes ahead.  Make sure that you have a buffer of cash, an emergency savings fund and access to liquid capital. By putting these safeguards in place, this will set you up to take advantage of buying opportunities when some favored investments lose their shine.  Remember that you MAKE money when you buy and by investing in distressed assets, you are setting yourself for robust profit margins that are the result of buying low and selling high.  Never forget this important lesson.  Fortunes are made by the opportunists who have cash when others don’t.  Be ready for this with cash in hand when others are cash poor and you will never regret it.

Have you considered what will you do to make 2019 better for yourself and your family?  Have you written down your plan and discussed it with your inner circle?  Will you exercise more and eat better?  How will ensure your own mental health and agility?  Will you read more books and meet more people?  This is a great time to focus on that Time Freedom we mentioned earlier.  Make commitments to STOP doing the things in your life that have a negative ROI.  Commit to START doing other things that will benefit you and your family directly and in a measurable way.  YOU get to decide which activities fall into which categories.  Focus on things that make you happy and more productive but don’t forget that life is also about adding value to others and the world around you.  Who are you providing value to?  What kind of value are you providing? How can you provide more value?  The Bible refers to this addition of value as ‘producing fruit’.  At all times, you are either a creator of fruit or a consumer of fruit. If you consume too much fruit, you gorge yourself and die.  If you do not consume enough fruit, you wither away and die just the same.  There is a balance that you must strike day in and day out to evaluate your own consumption and creation.  Commit to being around people more successful, wealthier, and wiser than you are.   Observe what ‘fruit’ they are consuming and how they are producing more ‘fruit’. This will allow you to consume higher quality fruit and produce your own fruit more efficiently. These practices will allow you to produce better fruit for others and consume sweeter fruit within your sphere of influence.

In closing, I want every person reading this to know that I hope and pray for your success this year and for many more.  Our business has grown through focusing on the needs of our clients and being vested in THEIR success.  We are a fiduciary and always, every single day, put the best interests of our clients above our own.  We have built a team that is in alignment with this mission and is wholly dedicated to serving our clients tirelessly.  We have created a community that cares for its members, celebrates successes when they occur, and offers a hand up and words of advice during trying times.  We are excited and ready for 2019 and will be offering incredible new content, meetings structured to incorporate the feedback of our members, and adding new services to the HSA community as a whole.  Lastly, we want to issue a sincere thank you to our clients, members, consultants, speakers, sponsors, and strategic alliances that helped us through 2018.  We would not be here without you and we are here for you no matter what.  Here’s to 2019 and to another year of service in which we will all move forward further, faster, together.

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