Delegate to Elevate

Every year, the business of doing business gets harder.  More businesses fail by the day, good people are increasingly hard to come by, and the ways in which businesses differentiate themselves from each other are becoming few and far between.  If you are a physician, dentist, or small business owner, I’m certain that you are extremely busy. You probably don’t get as much done as you’d like nor do you get the things done that you want to.  You’re probably running through your week, spending a lot of time taking care of things that are ‘urgent’ in that they need someone, anyone’s attention immediately.   But I’d bet that many of these ‘urgent’ tasks may not really be fires that you should be burdened with putting out. A lot of times, some of the most important things that we should be doing don’t get done.  This is because of poor time management. We see a lot of clients who are so, so busy taking care of life, taking care of their patients, and working in their businesses.  These clients don’t ever have the time to devote to working on their businesses, their lives, or the things that really matter to them.  Those things get pushed off and ultimately never get addressed. For many clients, it is a painful process to begin to free up their time and energy through automation, through delegating to their team, and through elevating those around them, those in their family, and those in their business.

One of the things that we want to talk about today in this blog are the benefits that effective delegation can provide and how that delegation can elevate you, your family, and your business.  Remember, at the end of the day the ability to delegate and elevate comes back to building wealth through time management. Delegation comes in many different forms. It can mean automation or it can involve delegating to individuals.  It can also mean outsourcing.  But automating, delegating, and outsourcing enable us to be focused on using our time both wisely and efficiently. There is only one thing that, at the end of our lives, we’re going to look back and wish we had more of… wealth is great and so is freedom but we don’t wish we had more of those things when we’re staring down the sunset. We wish we had more time. So often we exchange that time for money, for wealth, for freedom, for cars and houses. But we simply have to get to a point where we’re using other people’s time to generate wealth, and ultimately using our own money to generate more wealth.

Making this transition is key. Going from a solopreneur or a small business owner to a position in the ambassador’s seat where you’re using your wealth to build more wealth and your money is working for you requires a growth spurt. We call that a growth spurt because we have to be able to let go of the things that we shouldn’t be doing, those $10, $20, $100 an hour tasks on up to the $500 an hour tasks.  Every week, without fail, we should be asking ourselves,

“Where should I be spending my time?  How should I be spending my time?”

The importance of listing out everything we do on a daily/weekly basis cannot be emphasized enough. Go ahead, start writing.  Right now!  Take a few minutes in this moment and write down every single thing you’ve done this week.  Once you have that list created, you have to determine how much time in a day you want to spend working. Do you want it to be eight hours a day?  12 hours a day? What is that number for you? You have to make that determination and you have to decide on what you call your “100%”. After you’ve made that decision, take the list you’ve created of everything you do and start breaking it down. If it doesn’t fit within that 100%, then you’ve got a problem.  You’ve got a capacity issue and you need to figure out a way to delegate the items that you shouldn’t be doing in order to operate within your capacity. But, you say,

 “How do I determine what I should or shouldn’t be doing?”

If you’re a business owner today you shouldn’t be doing anything that is not a high dollar an hour task.  To operate optimally within your capacity, you must rid yourself of the $10 to $500 an hour stuff and spend your time at and above the $1000 an hour range.  To better understand the value of a task, you need to create five quadrants. Don’t hesitate to break out a pen and paper and work along with us here.  The first quadrant, located on the top left for those of us who are visual leaners, is dedicated to the tasks that you love and that you’re great at doing. The next quadrant, located to the right of the first, should contain all of the tasks that you like and that you’re good at.  If you’re drawing along with us, you’re going to start a new row now. On the next row, the first quadrant to the left is going to contain all of the tasks that you like but that you’re not good at.  Follow this with a quadrant listing every task that you don’t like but that you’re good at. The very last quadrant is going to include every task that you don’t like and that you’re not good at it.

Using the list that you created earlier of everything you do on a daily basis, you’re going to start breaking that list down into each one of the quadrants you just created. Ultimately, the goal of this exercise is to establish a plan for delegating the items that you’re not good at and that you don’t like to do. Where you should be operating day to day and where you should be spending our time is in the areas you either like or love and that you’re either good or great at.  When you’re only completing tasks that you love and that you’re great at, we call this operating in the “utopia zone”.

If we can spend our time right there, smack in the middle of the utopia zone, we’re going to live a life of fulfillment and we’re going to know that what we’re doing matters. That is the methodology that allows us to delegate and elevate. It’s not a hard method, it’s just a mindset, and when we change what we think, we change what we do.

If you’re reading this right now, there are tremendous benefits that are on the other side of going through the exercise described above to prioritize your life, get more done, and recapture time for yourself so that you can spend that time doing higher level tasks and spend more time with your family. You can create the legacy that you want to create. You can spend the time working on your business but not in your business. There are so many tools available that you can add to your toolbox. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you delegate and elevate your way to freedom.

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