We all know how a new year gets here.  Our little blue and green planet has completed its annual voyage around our own star.  365 days we’ve been spinning and circling our star only to end up in a somewhat similar position.  Because of the off-axis tilting of our planet, those of us that live in moderate latitudes will get to experience a full seasonal offering.  At the poles, things don’t change much; it’s cold most of the time.  At the equator things don’t change much; it’s hot most of the time.  But we are all fortunate enough to experience spring, summer, fall and winter.


Just like our planet, our own journey through this life continues to spin forwards… good things happen, bad things happen.  We sometimes find ourselves back at where we started, despite a lot of effort and numerous important events.  Our life features seasons from year to year and from birth to death. How did your life go last year?  Were you able to enjoy each season?  What will you do differently next year?  Join me as we go over some areas of importance and make some decisions to start 2018 off right.


Let’s start with family.  What happened?  Births, graduations, marriages, divorces, caring for parents, deaths?  What will the new year bring? Many of these things may happen, for better or for worse, and some may be beyond your control.  What you are in control of are the relationships with those that you love and how you react to life events as they happen.  Where do you need to invest more of yourself?  Is there a damaged relationship that needs mending?  Is there a child leaving for college or a sick parent or spouse who is nearing the end of this earthly journey?  Identify the relationships you NEED to nurture in 2018.


How about work?  Are you doing a job or building and nurturing a career?  Are you helping people?  Are you doing what you were built to do?  Are you operating in your genius zone (the crossing of your gifts and your passion)?  How was 2017?  Did you move the needle? Did you find more purpose and were you able to give more? Or are you just powering the hamster wheel to keep everything spinning ever forward? What needs to change in 2018?  Does your business need to grow and to increase its profits? How will that happen? Do you need to learn something new or add a new line of business or service?  Get more efficient?  Make some changes to the people on the bus?  Identify what you want to do; make a list of things that accomplish these goals; turn those goals into reality!


Are you happy? Whoa! Where did that come from?  Really though, are you truly happy?  Life is short and it is demanding.  Choose to be happy and spread love to those around you.  Make a difference.  It is a choice, don’t forget it!  If there is something that is preventing you from being happy, make a plan to improve your mindset and then your condition.


How is your health?  Are you spending time working on your fitness?  If you want to hang around for a long time you have to care about your body.  Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, posture… these things matter.  Let’s face it, time is ticking and if you don’t know it yet, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. If you don’t take care of your body, it will fail.  And even if you take incredible care of your body, it’s still going to fail eventually.  Let’s try to get as much use out of it as possible!  Make a plan to exercise regularly, eat better, drink plenty of water, get a massage, stretch, go to the chiropractor (and dentist), walk, run, workout, and meditate.  Here’s the good news…. You are in control!  Some health issues and failures can’t be controlled but you get to decide what you will do to improve upon and manage these issues.  Make 2018 a healthier year for yourself and your family.


How’s your Legacy planning coming along?  You may be in survival mode and Legacy planning may seem to be getting ahead of yourself.  That’s okay!  It doesn’t matter if you are finishing up college and starting a family OR going on Social Security and figuring out your Required Minimum Distributions…. You have to consider what you stand for.  Basic estate planning is a must and this is the optimal time of year to consider your family, heirs, and the causes you care about.  One day we will all be gone, and I, for one, hope that my family and relatives will remember me for many generations to come.


How did your investments do last year?  2017 was one of the best return years that we have seen in a while across almost all markets.  It didn’t matter where you were invested, you probably are feeling pretty good right about now.  Don’t get complacent.  There is a lot of positivity in most arenas now but make sure you protect your downside and don’t get blindsided when things change.  Respect the cycles of life, business, and investing.  Learn how to profit from them.  Do you need to reallocate funds?  Enforce and automate savings habits? Reduce debt? Take the time and do a deep dive.  Be honest about where you are and where you want to go.  Understand that there are many roads to get there and all of them are bumpy.


Here at High Speed Alliance, we love serving our members.  We love asking these questions and helping you find the answers to them.  We want to help you get to your goals faster than you think could be possible.  We can all go further together than any of us can go alone and we can have more fun along the way.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event and partnering with so many great minds to propel us all further and faster towards our goals!

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