High Speed Podcast #20 –The High Speed Podcast with Dr. Forrest Bryant: Marco Santorelli

On this podcast Dr. Bryant interviews Marco Santarelli – President and Founder of NORADA Real Estate Investments and Host of Passive Real Estate Investing Podcast

This podcast is chock full of relevant information for our listeners to be “in the know” about what’s going on in today’s real estate market. Listen in as Dr Bryant and Marco discuss:

  • Marco’s early entrepreneurial success that launched his love of real estate
  • NORADA investing platform for seeking single family homes in great cash flow and hybrid markets across the US
  • Marco’s 3 hottest markets right now
  • tips for getting educated and why you MUST take action
  • Marco’s formula for success
  • Member’s ONLY: Profiting in Cannibis, Precious Metals, Marco’s personal investing strategy.