The High Speed Podcast is excited to release another fantastic podcast.  This week, Dr Bryant discusses real estate investing with Mike Zlotnik of Tempo Funding.  Mike runs a real estate fund that leverages private hard money loans and equity investments into the self storage, multifamily and retail sectors.   Some of the topics this podcast include:

  • Rising interest rates and the upcoming yield rate inversion
  • Self storage investing including new developments, value adds, and conversions
  • Income and growth investing
  • Positioning for projected changes in US Real Estate and the US Economy
Plus much more! 
HSA Members: don’t forget to head on over to the Members Only site to hear more about Mike’s incredible journey through the death of his farther, religious persecution, and his family’s subsequent escape to the US.  He also weighs in on how he defines Freedom (as it relates to religion, time, and money) and how he is personally investing outside of the fund he manages.
Lots of incredible wisdom here that you don’t want to miss… click below to listen now!


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