The High Speed Podcast has quite a treat for you this week, listen in to save money on YOUR taxes.

Dr Bryant discusses incredible money-saving tactics with Noah B. Rosenfarb, CPA & Tax Avoidance Expert of Freedom adVentures.  Noah is an incredible tax-reduction strategist, a 3rd Generation Accountant, and is employed by over three dozen High Net Worth Family Offices.  Some of the topics this podcast includes are as follows:

  • Roth IRA conversion techniques
  • Transferring money from tax-deferred to tax-FREE
  • Donor advised funds that allow investors to make charitable contributions AND maintain control over their funds while taking the tax deduction immediately
  • Bank-Financed life insurance to ramp up the cash value on whole life policies
Plus much more!  This week, our Members Only section includes:
  • Roll-Over Business Start Up programs to partner with new tax laws
  • Puerto Rico’s Act 20 & 22 and their 4% corporate tax rate
  • Checkbook IRA’s and LLC’s
Want to listen to the nuggets of wisdom contained in the Members Only section?  Shoot us an email and we will share this special section with you to give you a taste of what HSA Membership offers.
A parting thought from Noah in his favorite quote:
“Concentrate to create wealth, diversify to protect wealth.” – Chris Mercer
Lots of incredible wisdom here that you don’t want to miss… click below to listen now!

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