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  • Most doctors work hard caring for their patients and their families. But despite good incomes they are frustrated with being unable to achieve their dreams. Uncertainty in the stock market makes saving for retirement or a child’s education pretty scary.
  • The High Speed Alliance is a network of professionals who work together to help you turn your dreams into reality. Passive income generation through real estate and other investments allow you to focus on what's really important in your life.
  • Freedom and Legacy are created by mastering the business, finances, family and lifestyle. Find out more by entering your email address.
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Learn how to maximize your practice, allowing you to create multiple streams of passive income. Freedom and Legacy are achieved when the business is maximized, the personal and business finances are in line, the family is happy and close, and the lifestyle of your dreams is created. We can show you how to create passive income that equals or exceeds your active income.

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High Speed Podcast #25 – Bryan Ellis with Self Directed Investor Society

Bryan Ellis of Self Directed Investor Society joins us on this 25th episode of the High Speed Podcast.   Dr. Bryant and Bryan take this opportunity to discuss all different types of self-directed IRA accounts and strategies. You’re going to want to head over to his website Self-Directed.Org to take advantage of several free giveaways…