Creating Freedom
& Legacy

The Core of
High Speed Alliance

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of High Speed Alliance is to guide our community towards a lifestyle of freedom and legacy by making a difference in their personal, business, and professional lives.

Our Purpose

To lead our community on a journey to freedom and legacy, by making an impact on personal, professional, and financial endeavors. By the year 2024, we will guide at least 400 families towards a lifestyle of freedom and legacy annually.

Our Beliefs

1. We believe in being Impactful - We are purpose driven, service oriented, all heart (Hope Serve Action Foundation), and make a difference. We are grateful, compassionate, and the guiding light in the fog of life. We are Impactful. That means that people who tend to be careless, thoughtless, unrealistic, indifferent or shallow. or even those who tend to be pessimistic or have a negative attitude might not fit in here.

2. We believe in Community - We are fun, connected, good stewards, optimistic, and help one another with no expectations. We work hard and play hard and we rocket towards freedom and legacy. We are like minded and share a common purpose. We are Community. That means that people who tend to be selfish, uncaring, domineering, vengeful, or even those who tend to have hidden agendas, are patronizing, or are unwilling to be a team player might not fit in here.

3. We believe in having Integrity - We are transparent, accountable, ethical, and do the right thing even when no one is looking. We are a fiduciary and always put the client first. We are Integrity. That means that people who tend to be unethical, deceitful, scheming, dishonest or manipulative, or even those who tend to be abusive, immoral, or practice situational ethics might not fit in here.

4. We believe in going Further Faster - We exceed expectations, go above and beyond, lead the pack, are laser focused, and operate as a team. We are freedom-focused, legacy bound, and results oriented. We are Further Faster. That means that people who tend to be complacent, close-minded, or are unwilling to embrace change might not fit in here.


Services We Provide

We will take you much further than you can imagine. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Our job is to educate you about investments, finances, business, and personal life outside the realm of conventional thinking.


Time is our most valuable resource. We help our clients reach their Freedom and Legacy goals much quicker than most. Our intensive white glove (or hands-on) approach to investment advice is unique in the investment community.


We have built a community of like-minded people. Our community genuinely believes in helping each other succeed. We have fun together while learning, brainstorming, and holding each other accountable.


“In a hundred years, will your great-great grandchildren know your name? We can help you create the freedom and legacy you’ve always wanted.”


Dr. Forrest Bryant

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Join Us

We encourage you to invite physicians and dentists we may not know to share this event with all us.  We know there are many healthcare professionals out there that may appreciate HSA’s devotion to freedom and legacy and we’re here for all of them during this time of uncertainty. We’d love to welcome your friends and referrals to our community, we want to be as inclusive as we can for this event and welcome anyone who is interested.